This 2D-CGI-Version of a Toscana-Impression was made with Krita on PC in the year of 2016.

Surely i'll improve "Leonardo" the Mid-Age-Paraglider shown at the top of the picture, somehow in the future when i see more clearly what i could improve on that part.

Below you see some Preview Versions of this project...

  • toskana_v1
  • toskana_v3
  • toskana_v5
  • toskana_v7

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Tropical Island

For myself this project was a very interesting one, because i tried a sunset lighting from scratch, without any external guideline.

Then in the process i got lost a bit with forms and colours. And for me the picture still doesn't looks so right as i really wish.

Project was entirely done with Photoshop. Last update was made in 2014.

Below a bunch of Preview pictures as usual, including the latest one.

  • Tropical_Island_v10
  • Tropical_Island_v2
  • Tropical_Island_v4
  • Tropical_Island_v6
  • Tropical_Island_v8

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Prince Calthonir

Beside the finished Concept-Art of my Dragon for a fantasy setting, i also worked on a human-character which is known (in my mind of course! ;) ) as "Prince Calthonir". Somehow it's hard to get this character right even in this Concept-Art. For me it seems the proportions aren't very accurate for the moment, so i surely will overhaul it, sooner or later.

  • prince_calthonir_v1
  • prince_calthonir_v12
  • prince_calthonir_v15
  • prince_calthonir_v2
  • prince_calthonir_v5
  • prince_calthonir_v7

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