A rendering from the project: Sea Stallion

Voila! Another Helicopter beside the Sea King in my 3D-Arsenal. This time it's a Sikorsky CH-53 "Sea Stallion" from the US-Marine-Corps (there are a lot of other versions by the way!).

All in all this was quite a huge project, taking several month with the one or other interruption. Somehow i lost motivation during the process, and therefore it's probably about 80% finished at the moment. There's still missing most Details of the interior as well as better Texturing and some minor other things.

All was created with the help of the 3D-Software Cinema 4D, between End of 2009 and Begin of 2010.

  • sea_stallion01
  • sea_stallion04
  • sea_stallion10
  • sea_stallion14
  • sea_stallion19
  • sea_stallion28
  • sea_stallion35
  • sea_stallion44
  • sea_stallion48
  • sea_stallion53
  • sea_stallion57
  • sea_stallion65_seats

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A rendering of a Citroen 2CV

Here you see an almost finished model of a french Citroen 2CV also called "Ente" (German word for Duck) here in Germany :)

I remember that my oldest brother was owner of a red 2CV back in the early 80's of the last century. This rendering is some kind of hommage for this car and the whole era, where also a bunch of other cool and strange cars were built!

Work was entirely done with Blender 3D-Software. Textures were made with photoshop.

What's still missing on this project are better textures, better material setup, lighting and last but not least a more detailed interior.

Below some Work in Progress pictures as usual...

  • citroen 2cv6_01
  • citroen 2cv6_06
  • citroen 2cv6_11
  • citroen 2cv6_29
  • citroen 2cv6_30
  • citroen 2cv6_31
  • citroen 2cv6_32

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A rendering of a de Havilland Mosquito

This is an nearly entirely finished 3D-Model of a de Havilland Mosquito MK.IV which was used both in Fighting and Bomber role during World War 2 by the Western Allies. I made this in around 1-2 Month in May and June of 2016. However it still needs some detail work, especially on the textures and the interior.

This project was entirely done with Blender Freeware 3D-Software.

Below some Work in Progress pictures...

  • dh_mosquito_02
  • dh_mosquito_05
  • dh_mosquito_10
  • dh_mosquito_15
  • dh_mosquito_21
  • dh_mosquito_30
  • dh_mosquito_31
  • dh_mosquito_32
  • dh_mosquito_33
  • dh_mosquito_34

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