A rendering from the project: Icehockey

Surely this project was caused by my enthusiasm for Icehockey. Once again this project was started as a contribution for another C4D-Cafe.com 3D-Challenge or Competition. 2 Weeks are given for bringing in a final result.

Because i integrated an older Human-3D-Model from an earlier project for this one, my contribution unluckily disqualified. Somehow i overlooked the one rule, saying that i couldn't use any earlier project work for fast integration. However in the whole, this was a nice and benefiting challenge for myself.

Below a series of Workflow-Impressions and the final picture as usual...

  • Icehockey01
  • Icehockey03
  • Icehockey05
  • Icehockey08
  • Icehockey10
  • Icehockey13
  • Icehockey14
  • Icehockey18
  • Icehockey21
  • Icehockey26
  • icehockey28_final
  • icehockey28_final_wire

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A rendering from the project: Rastaman

From the beginning this "Rastaman" was planned as a Christmas-Ball, which had a special reason beside my common Madness. It all was made for another C4D-Cafe.com 3D-CGI-Competition. In this case it was the "X-Mas-Challenge". The goal was to create an almost original kind of Christmas-Ball in 3D.  Then all entries are collected by the starter of that competition as a 3D-File, and finally be "hanged" onto a predefined 3D-Christmas-Tree.

Unfortunatley i lost the final result with my own, and all the works of the other competitors. However i held my own Christmas-Ball-Project on Harddisk at least in Cinema-4D-File-Format! :)

Down there another series of pictures on topic...

  • rastaman01
  • rastaman02
  • rastaman04
  • rastaman04_cell

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A rendering from the project: Food Compo

An interesting 3D-CGI-Competition was held at the website C4D-Cafe.com in the year of 2007. The theme was as long as i still know: "Your favourite food". The task was to setup your favourite food, as a still image in 3D within a time span of 2 weeks. Work must be done with the 3D-Software Cinema 4D as the competition makers wanted.

My choice at that time was a very healthy kind of salad diner table (at that time really one of my favourite foods! ;) ), in a Toscana and "Bella Italia" like setting.

The final result really was made in that period of 2 weeks, and as long as i know i gathered a final ranking at the first 3 places. Eventhough the amount of competitors wasn't that super really high, it was kind of exiciting and successful for me! :)

Below some preview-pictures of the workflow and the final competition image.

  • Food_Compo01
  • Food_Compo03
  • Food_Compo06
  • Food_Compo19
  • Food_Compo19_wire
  • Food_Compo34_final_big

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A rendering from the project: Dirtmonster

This two, usually friendly figures from the Underworld, i called "Dirtmonsters" and were my contribution to just another CGI-3D-Competition on the website C4D-Cafe.com. From 2007-2011 i used to contribute on their competitions frequently.

Undoubtedly the Theme of this competition would be Monster. But at least i forgot about the detailed target for this. What's left are a series of Preview-Pictures and the final result of course, which i'd like introducing you.

  • dirtmonster02
  • dirtmonster05_0001
  • dirtmonster09
  • dirtmonster16
  • dirtmonster29_final_big
  • dirtmonster29_final_wire

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A rendering from the project: Chieftain

The Chieftain-Tank surely was a must have in my 3D-Creation-History, as i grown up in a village which was near a maneuver-area of the British Forces in Germany ("Army of the Rhine"). This means a lot of Chieftains and other military stuff on the (damaged) streets, and a certain kind of fascination regarding those Steel beasts in myself.

This model made with Cinema 4D is the first in a series of british Military models, i'll probably will continue in my Hobbyist-Works as long as time and possibilites are there.

With 1-2 month duration (but not entirely fulltime!) the project was rather big. The most of it was done in 2011. However the 1920x1080 renderings are "updates" from 2017.

  • chieftain001
  • chieftain010
  • chieftain019
  • chieftain027
  • chieftain041
  • chieftain061
  • chieftain080
  • chieftain091
  • chieftain101
  • chieftain103
  • chieftain104
  • chieftain105

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