A picture named: Handley Page Halifax MK3

You now make a time travel and here you can see a squadron of Handley Page Halifax World War 2 bombers en route to the European mainland. Escorted by a bunch of Spitfire-Fighting-Aircraft, from which only one is visible in this picture of course.

Whole Picture was done in exactly 1 week. The 2 Aircraft in front are drawn with help of 2 pictures from the net, whereas the 2 aircrafts in the background was made just from a mind approach. The Spitfire Silhouette was drawn with help of a Videoframe.

Landscape below was inspired by a Google Earth Still, i've taken from a flight over Netherland terrain. Doesn't exactly know which region it is.

The whole picture was realised with Krita 2D Freeware Software.

  • halifax-mk3_final
  • halifax-mk3_v01
  • halifax-mk3_v03
  • halifax-mk3_v05
  • halifax-mk3_v09
  • halifax-mk3_v11
  • halifax-mk3_v13
  • halifax-mk3_v14

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A picture named: The Trail

After seen a whole bunch of marvelous Artworks in the Krita-Facebook-Group , i decided to do something (hopefully) marvelous on my own. So i started to work on "The Trail". The idea with the slightly overloaded asian biker, came into my mind after a while of working. I guess it wasn't my first intention to fill "The Trail" with so much life.

All was done in Summer of 2016. Like mentioned aboved inspired through the Krita group and therefore realised with Krita of course. Luckily also available for Windows-Operating-Systems since a longer while.

  • the_trail_01
  • the_trail_03
  • the_trail_07
  • the_trail_09
  • the_trail_12
  • the_trail_final

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A picture named: Frühlingstag

Perfectly fitting to it's title this picture was made by me in spring of 2008 with Photoshop. As i sometimes use to do, this picture was made right through my mind, without any external guide.

Even this kind of method tends to produce artistic disonance here and there, sometimes i put up with that. At least if it's a private Project, where the final result doesn't need to be 100% perfect at all.

By the way i tried to catch the atmosphere at a swedish Summer House in Springtime.

Below some Work in Progress pictures, showing a nice overall workflow gradient...

  • fruehling01
  • fruehling02
  • fruehling03
  • fruehling04
  • fruehling05
  • fruehling08
  • fruehling10
  • fruehlingstag_small

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Ein Bild namens: Buddy

The news of the Death of one of my Childhood-Idols known as Bud Spencer, just leads into the Idea to make a picture from one of his films with the 2D-Software Krita. For this purpose, first i've extracted a still image from a movie, which serves as a rough cover. The rest was lot of Detail work.

All in all it took about 1-2 Weeks in July of 2016.

R.I.P. Buddy :)

  • buddy_final
  • buddy_v1
  • buddy_v2
  • buddy_v5
  • buddy_v7

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A picture named: Kaiserin Auguste Victoria

The "Kaiserin Auguste Victoria" was a so called Express-Steamer which was launched in 1905. Most of the time the ship was used on the North-Atlantic-Route between Europe and USA. Probably the Photo coverage which i used for this Photoshop-Replica, shows the ship heading out from Hamburg Harbor. But i'm not sure myself 100%. Just as little as i know what the Origin of this picture was.

  • KaiserinAuguste02
  • KaiserinAuguste03
  • KaiserinAuguste04_big

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