A painting named For the Birds

Another work made after a photo cover (lost the source of it, since several new System-Installations). It's showing birds at the cliffs of the Portuguese Atlantic-Coast. Made with Acrylic-Colours on Canvas probably in 2011.

A painting named Firefox

Another Acrylic-Painting on Canvas which was made by me from a photo cover. Unfortunately after several new Windows-Installations i've lost the original sources, where i got it from! This "Firefox" was banned on a 40x30 cm canvas.

A painting named Farbwüste

Haha... This was surely my very first test result in painting with Acrylic-Colours. Before i never ever touched that kind of art medium, and surely this fact influenced the final result of "Farbwüste" (named: Color Desert in English). I guess it was created somewhat around early 2010.

A painting named Feuerschiff Elbe 3

"Feuerschiff Elbe 3" ("Lightship Elbe 3" in English) was made with Acrylic-Colours on Canvas. Original position of the ship is "Museumshafen Oevelgönne" in Hamburg. I sold this painting some years ago.

A painting named Eisvogel

"Eisvogel" (kingfisher in english) was another early Acryl-painting exercise by myself, probably made in my very productive year of 2010.