You now make a time travel and here you can see a squadron of Handley Page Halifax World War 2 bombers en route to the European mainland. Escorted by a bunch of Spitfire-Fighting-Aircraft, from which only one is visible in this picture of course.

Whole Picture was done in exactly 1 week. The 2 Aircraft in front are drawn with help of 2 pictures from the net, whereas the 2 aircrafts in the background was made just from a mind approach. The Spitfire Silhouette was drawn with help of a Videoframe.

Landscape below was inspired by a Google Earth Still, i've taken from a flight over Netherland terrain. Doesn't exactly know which region it is.

The whole picture was realised with Krita 2D Freeware Software.

  • halifax-mk3_final
  • halifax-mk3_v01
  • halifax-mk3_v03
  • halifax-mk3_v05
  • halifax-mk3_v09
  • halifax-mk3_v11
  • halifax-mk3_v13
  • halifax-mk3_v14

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