Here's the result of just another 3D-Creation-Contest i've contributed back in 2010. This contest was all about creating instruments, and my choice was modelling and texturing the legendary "Gibson Les Paul". In this contest i had 2 weeks time for modelling and texturing, which proves to be very good for my overall workflow.

Below you see several renderings i've done with Cinema 4D through the process. Of course this software was also my working platform for this project.

  • Gibson-LesPaulStudio_final
  • Gibson-LesPaulStudio_final_closeup
  • Gibson-LesPaulStudio_final_closeup_wire
  • gibson_les_paul_02
  • gibson_les_paul_02_wire
  • gibson_les_paul_05
  • gibson_les_paul_07
  • gibson_les_paul_09
  • gibson_les_paul_13
  • gibson_les_paul_20

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