From the beginning this "Rastaman" was planned as a Christmas-Ball, which had a special reason beside my common Madness. It all was made for another 3D-CGI-Competition. In this case it was the "X-Mas-Challenge". The goal was to create an almost original kind of Christmas-Ball in 3D.  Then all entries are collected by the starter of that competition as a 3D-File, and finally be "hanged" onto a predefined 3D-Christmas-Tree.

Unfortunatley i lost the final result with my own, and all the works of the other competitors. However i held my own Christmas-Ball-Project on Harddisk at least in Cinema-4D-File-Format! :)

Down there another series of pictures on topic...

  • rastaman01
  • rastaman02
  • rastaman04
  • rastaman04_cell

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