The Chieftain-Tank surely was a must have in my 3D-Creation-History, as i grown up in a village which was near a maneuver-area of the British Forces in Germany ("Army of the Rhine"). This means a lot of Chieftains and other military stuff on the (damaged) streets, and a certain kind of fascination regarding those Steel beasts in myself.

This model made with Cinema 4D is the first in a series of british Military models, i'll probably will continue in my Hobbyist-Works as long as time and possibilites are there.

With 1-2 month duration (but not entirely fulltime!) the project was rather big. The most of it was done in 2011. However the 1920x1080 renderings are "updates" from 2017.

  • chieftain001
  • chieftain010
  • chieftain019
  • chieftain027
  • chieftain041
  • chieftain061
  • chieftain080
  • chieftain091
  • chieftain101
  • chieftain103
  • chieftain104
  • chieftain105

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