An interesting 3D-CGI-Competition was held at the website in the year of 2007. The theme was as long as i still know: "Your favourite food". The task was to setup your favourite food, as a still image in 3D within a time span of 2 weeks. Work must be done with the 3D-Software Cinema 4D as the competition makers wanted.

My choice at that time was a very healthy kind of salad diner table (at that time really one of my favourite foods! ;) ), in a Toscana and "Bella Italia" like setting.

The final result really was made in that period of 2 weeks, and as long as i know i gathered a final ranking at the first 3 places. Eventhough the amount of competitors wasn't that super really high, it was kind of exiciting and successful for me! :)

Below some preview-pictures of the workflow and the final competition image.

  • Food_Compo01
  • Food_Compo03
  • Food_Compo06
  • Food_Compo19
  • Food_Compo19_wire
  • Food_Compo34_final_big

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