Surely this project was caused by my enthusiasm for Icehockey. Once again this project was started as a contribution for another 3D-Challenge or Competition. 2 Weeks are given for bringing in a final result.

Because i integrated an older Human-3D-Model from an earlier project for this one, my contribution unluckily disqualified. Somehow i overlooked the one rule, saying that i couldn't use any earlier project work for fast integration. However in the whole, this was a nice and benefiting challenge for myself.

Below a series of Workflow-Impressions and the final picture as usual...

  • Icehockey01
  • Icehockey03
  • Icehockey05
  • Icehockey08
  • Icehockey10
  • Icehockey13
  • Icehockey14
  • Icehockey18
  • Icehockey21
  • Icehockey26
  • icehockey28_final
  • icehockey28_final_wire

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